Grantees: working towards the common goal of expanding access to health

UNITAID channels its funds through partners active in the fight against HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. In assessing partners requests for funds, UNITAID through its Executive Board selects projects that are committed to influencing UNITAID's niches for medicines, diagnostics and related commodities and are expected have a positive impact on the market. All UNITAID funding requests are reviewed by an advisory group of external experts.

Once a project has been approved and the funds committed, the implementing partner and UNITAID enter into negotiations with quality-assured manufacturers to achieve two main goals: ensuring that the needed products are available in a timely manner, and reducing their price through bulk purchasing and pool procurement. Having secured these objectives, the partners purchase the products and supply them to countries through national partners which may include governments, NGOs and procurement agents. UNITAID is in regular contact with partners, and systematically monitors projects progress and results.

UNITAID's grantees include: