Support for prequalification of medicines and diagnostics

Good quality medicines for everyone

UNITAID funds more than 80% of the WHO Prequalification programme for HIV, TB and malaria medicines and diagnostics. The WHO Prequalification programme evaluates products and manufacturing plants based on a stringent set of criteria, safety and efficacy. To get prequalification, manufacturers apply to have a product evaluated and are assessed according to quality, safety and efficacy. A WHO team also visits the manufacturing site.

A key part of UNITAID’s project portfolio since it was created in 2006, WHO Prequalification ensures that new drugs and user-friendly formulations brought to market for low-income countries are of the highest quality. UNITAID only funds products that have been prequalified by this programme or by a stringent regulatory authority. Hence, increasing the number of quality-assured suppliers results in a more efficient market place for safe medicines.

UNITAID Project Support for Quality Assurance of Medicines                        UNITAID Project Support for Quality Assurance of Diagnostics

arrow-redTo learn more about how the Prequalification programme works, please visit WHO’s 2012 feature story on Prequalification.